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Get Your Weekends Back

Cutting edge results with zero effort.

The XR3 robotic lawn mower combines Cub Cadet power with innovative SmartMow technology, delivering a just-mowed look at the touch of a button, so you can focus on getting the most out of your yard.

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Save up to 4 hours per month, and more footsteps than we can calculate.
Let the XR3 3000 mow for you.

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Introducing the future of lawn care

Sit back, relax, and say hello to the hands-free power of a "smart home" innovation designed to improve your backyard experience.

Ultimate Convenience

Ultimate Convenience

Let a robotic lawn mower do the dirty work. Don’t waste your valuable time with yard maintenance that can be put on autopilot. Enjoy ease of use with with a powerful autonomous mower — or control it with your smartphone.

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Unmatched Power

Unmatched Power

Floating deck and solid blades handle high grass and tough conditions, trimming right to the edges with ease. At 22” wide, the XR3 is wider than most robotic mowers, allowing for a faster mow.

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Smooth (and Smart) Operation

Smooth (and Smart) Operation

More than just meticulous mowing performance, the XR3 boasts child lock, PIN code access, rain avoidance sensors, and the ability to drive independently to different mowing zones and return after a job well done.

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How XR3 Works

The XR3 is a robotic device designed to autonomously mow and maintain your lawn. It requires a simple one-time installation of a base station and perimeter wire, which will create the virtual lawn boundaries XR3 operates within. The perimeter wire is set on the ground and will eventually get covered by grass. XR3 recognizes the perimeter wire using special sensors and makes sure to always stay inside the designated area.

Upon manual start or automatic scheduling, the XR3 will begin mowing your lawn, continuously alternating between mowing and charging. It avoids obstacles and edges where needed, moving quietly and efficiently through any zones contained within the perimeter wire, moving around it in a random pattern until the entire area is evenly cut. When the job is completed, the XR3 automatically returns to its base station for charging.

XR3 Specifications

Sit back, relax, and say hello to the hands-free power of a "smart home" innovation designed to better your backyard experience.

  • Adjustable Height

    Change the cutting height based on your lawn’s needs
  • Quiet Cut

    Nearly silent operation so you can get more out of your spring and summer
  • Multi-Zone Mowing

    Moves automatically to different zones and returns after completing a mow
  • Safe Operation

    If lifted or tilted, blades automatically stop rotating
  • Incline Capable

    Easily handles slopes up  to 36% (20°)
  • Mows Longer

    Equipped with a long-lasting, high performance lithium battery
  • Edging

    At 22” wide, cuts beyond the wheel for a manicured finish
  • Weatherproof

    Rain sensor detects poor conditions and sends XR3 back to its base

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